Goele Leys

Logo and business card for Goele Leys.


Event identity design for Articulate art research days. Articulate is an art reseach event organiced once a year by the Academie of fine arts and the Concervatorium of antwerp.

Poster design in collaboration with Anaïs Cuillier

75 jaar in vorm

Event identity for the exhibition 75 Years in Form (75 jaar in vorm). The exhibition celebrated the 75 years existence of the graphic design department in the The Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. A selection of works from the past years were displayed. 

Hans Augustyns

Logo and font design for the Borderline Collective. The collective, a group of young people, creates big, multipurpose installations with different materials, mostly wood and stained glass.

De lange zaal

The Academy of fine arts Antwerp has asked me to design a logo for there exhibition space, De lange zaal (The long Hall). I came up with a logo that fitted in the existing identity of the school and created a mark that’s representing the length of the hall. 

3D printed pins where made for the presentation night of the new logo. 


Belgian Platform for Photobook

Logo and web design for the Belgian Platform for Photobooks, in short BPPB. The platform showcases a collection of Belgian photobooks and features related news and events. 

Antwerp-based Graphic Designer. Graduated in 2015 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Afterwards, I moved to Berlin for a six-month work experience at the creative design agency Double Standards. Currently, I am working for Alligence, a B2B communications agency, where I create Corporate Identity, Webdesign, Print, Exhibition and Events Design.

As a freelancer, I particularly enjoy forming and shaping identities, from bold black and white font-based to delicate fine lining.


+32 (0) 497 35 51 22
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