Exxon Mobil Product selector

An online product selector that makes comparing minutious chemical data palatable is a challenge. Chemical data notoriously comes without the ease of, say, finding the right shoe size. ExxonMobil Chemical tapped us to come up with a way to allow their online visitors to get to the details that matter and use the product selector as a go-to resource whether they are purchasing, researching or developing.

Antwerp-based Graphic Designer. Graduated in 2015 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Afterwards, I moved to Berlin for a six-month work experience at the creative design agency Double Standards. Currently, I am working for Alligence, a B2B communications agency, where I create Corporate Identity, Webdesign, Print, Exhibition and Events Design.

As a freelancer, I particularly enjoy forming and shaping identities, from bold black and white font-based to delicate fine lining.


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